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MEGAMIX analytical and research center is equipped with the following instruments:

Liquid chromatographs are used to determine Vitamins А, Е, D2, D3, К3, С, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Вс, andH,antibiotics, organic acids, antioxidants, coccidiostatics (Diklazuril, Clopidol, Nicarbazin) in pure form or premixes and protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates using HPLC. Chromatographyisalsousedto determine over 20 amino acids and severalcoccidiostatics (Sodium Monenzin, Salinomycin) by post-column and pre-column derivatization.

The analytical and research center is equipped with the latest UHPLC that consists of a diode-matrix detector, autosampler, binary pump, and thermostat. The instrument can measure 3D spectrum in any point of the chromatogram and compare it against the reference samples. Chromatograph with such specifications has high sensitivity and accuracy. 

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MEGAMIX analytical and research center has the state-of-the-art analytical equipment built by the Russian and foreign manufacturers from USA, South Korea, Australia, Japan, Germany, and France.

- IR-Fourier spectrometers – instruments that can give a fast quality assessment of a single raw material. Spectrometers are designed to measure optical reflection spectra in the infrared band to perform quality control of both the incoming raw materials and finished products (the study of reflected spectra in solids, powders and liquids). MEGAMIX labworks closely with Evonik Company, Germany. Spectra samples are sent via Internet to Evonik lab in Germany, and the results are returned 30-40 minutes later.

- Automated crude fat analyzer  – was developed to determine crude (free) fat using diethyl ether. Most of the compounds derived are triglycerides with few adjacent lipids, traditionally called “free fats”. The analysis is done by measuring a sample fat weight loss. Crude fat can be measured in 15 samples simultaneously.

- Atomic-absorption spectrophotometer – complete with hydride attachments,can determine heavy and toxic metals (cobalt, sodium, potassium, copper, iron, manganese, lead, cadmium, mercury, selenium, chromium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc).

- Crude protein analyzer using Bernstein method - methodcan analyze up to 8 samples simultaneously.

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- Ultraviolet-Visible (UV/VIS) spectrophotometer – is used to determine phosphorus, starch, enzymes (phytase, xylanase, glucanase, protease), sugars, lactose, and Vitamin В4.

 - EIA-reader (photometer) to determine micotoxins by the enzyme immunoassay method.

 - Crude fiberanalyzer.

 - Automatic bioanalyzer – is a modern microscope with built-in computer, which is used to determine total toxicity of feed and raw materials by Stylonychia bioassay express method.

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 - Ionometers – instruments to determine the acid value, total acid number, chlorides, fluorides, amino acids, urease activity in soya products and other parameters.

Auxiliary equipment is used for sample preparation, such as: sample dividers, grinders, rotary evaporators, lab furnaces, centrifuges, shakers, and water baths.