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MEGAMIX Group Opens Unique Research Center in Volgograd

MEGAMIX Group Opens Unique Research Center in Volgograd

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The opening ceremony for the new Research Center took place in Volgograd on November 3, 2017. The Center is the first complex on the Russian market dedicated to efficiency and safety analysis of poultry feed, feed additives and veterinary products. This innovative project was implemented by the leading Russian premix producer MEGAMIX Group in collaboration with Volgograd State Agrarian University (VolSAU).


Among the participants of the ceremony were Director of the Ministry of Agriculture Department Valery Zhukov, Director General of the Poultry Union of Russia, Doctor of Economics Galina Bobylyova, First Deputy Governor of Volgograd Region Alexander Belyayev, President of VolSAU, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Alexey Ovchinnikov and upper executive managers of MEGAMIX partners.

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The opening ceremony was visited by lots of guests and mass media representatives. 


“Opening the Research Center is a very important event for the Russian agricultural sector,” – said Valery Zhukov in his welcoming speech. “It will help to control feed quality and, therefore, the quality of end products. Volgograd Region is on the right track: even when the sanctions are lifted domestic producers will be able to stand any competition thanks to the policy conducted in the regional agricultural sector”.  

“The importance of today’s event is highlighted by the fact that all leading producers of the Russian poultry sector have gathered at the ceremony,” – said Deputy Governor of Volgograd Region Alexander Belyayev.

President Alexey Ovchinnikov pointed out that this was the first Research Center at an Agricultural University in Russia.

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Guests and journalists had the opportunity to visit the Research Center. It is divided in two independent lots capable of housing over 400 laying hens in 3 groups and 450 broilers in 6 groups. The state-of-the-art equipment and construction of the lots allow to fully control the enterprise microclimate and the poultry density.  

As Ovchinnikov pointed out, many young animal technicians, veterinarians and nutritionists are not familiar with the practical aspects of their professions when graduating from the university. Internship at the Research Center will help to use the obtained knowledge in practice and develop new, improved technology.

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The innovative Research Center is a serious step towards providing biosecurity of feed and poultry products and improving efficiency of poultry farms.

Opening the Research Center will help Russian companies to develop new, more natural feed additives and preparations with proved efficiency which will help to solve the major problem of the total market dependence on imported raw materials. Within the program aimed at finding an alternative to in-feed antibiotics and synthesized additives the new MEGAMIX Research Center will become the growth driver for natural feed ingredients.

Source: MEGAMIX Press Service