Adequate nutrition is a critical factor to achieve high productivity of agricultural livestock and poultry.

MEGAMIX paysparticular attention to the productivity improvement and efficiency of poultry and livestock farms, and therefore constantly pushes for innovations and newest technologies to ensure maximum efficiency. Our main operational criteria are quality, clean production environment, and biosafety.

Efficacy of MEGAMIX feed additives has been proven and verified by the leading poultry and livestock operations in Russia and abroad.

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MEGAMIX means:

1. High quality. MEGAMIX has the most modern high-tech production in the industry. Our mixing accuracy is 1:100 000, the human factor is minimized, and cross-contamination is zero.

2.Biosafety. Use of raw materials from the leading world manufacturers and additional input controls.

3. Efficiency. Formulations are done by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. Consultations with foreign experts can be arranged.

4. Improvement of poultry and livestock herd performance, repeatedly confirmed by large agri-holdings and farms in Russia and abroad.