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Mixed feed

Mixed feed | Poultry

Pre-starter feed

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0-3 week-old egg-chicks:
Cross Hisex Brown/White
Cross Lohmann Brown/White
Cross ISA Brown/White

0-7 day-old  Broiler chicks:
Cross Hubbard ISA
Cross Ross 308
Cross Kobb 500
Cross Arbor Acres

Starter feed

8-14 day-old  broiler chicks

Grower feed

15-21 day-old broilers

Finisher feed

22-35 day-old broilers

In addition, we offer individual formulation of mixed feed that ensures customization of your enterprise’s needs!

The mixed feed for the standard recipe contains: 
- Vitamins: A, D3, E, K3, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B12, Bc, H;
- Trace minerals: iron, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, iodine, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium;
- Amino acids;
- A complex of organic acids;
- Enzymes;
- Antioxidant.

Packing: 40 kg bags.

Store in accordance with the marking in dry, clean, not contaminated by pests of grain stocks, well ventilated indoor warehouses.

High quality feed is essential for modern poultry crosses from the first hours of their lives, as their genetic potential presupposes high productivity. Hence, the quality of feed components is of crucial importance.
One of the main problems of poultry husbanrdy is mycotoxine poisoning through feed.
That is why all feed ingredients, especially corn, bran, sunflower cake, should be put under strict quality control. In case of in-house feed production or purchase of feed with unreliable producers, there exists the risk of worsened feed conversion and performance, which in the end leads to poor economic efficiency of the enterprise.
Mixed feed, formulated and produced by MEGAMIX, is well-balanced and safe. Each
batch of MEGAMIX feed is tested on toxity in the in-house MEGAMIX laboratory. Thus, we guarantee that our feed conforms with strictest safety standards.
MEGAMIX  feed can be crumbled or pelleted. It contains minimal amount of dust fraction that often causes reduction of weight gain and worsening of FCR.
MEGAMIX feed formulations have been developed to meet the needs of different poultry crosses, depending on age, and ensure high nutrient availability.
We use only approved quality nutrients and vitamin-mineral substances, which provide for healthy growth from the first days of feeding.