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Premix (POULTRY)

Proper  feeding is the key factor to reach good results in a yield of poultry. At that feeding includes not just providing high quality feeds, but in addition limiting amino acids, vitamins and other micronutrients.

Premix is the most efficient source for the specified matters because, if additives are added directly to the all-mash it’s impossible to reach prompt accuracy of dosing and uniformity of mixture.

Efficiency of products MEGAMIX is tested and approved by the leading Poultry Production Complexes of Russia and abroad.

MEGAMIX is the leader of the Russian market of premixes and produces more then 40 thous. ton of product per a year.

MEGAMIX means:

1. High quality. MEGAMIX has the most modern high-tech production in the industry. Our mixing accuracy is 1:100 000, the human factor is minimized, and cross-contamination is zero.

2. Biosafety. Use of raw materials from the leading world manufacturers and additional input controls.

3. Efficiency. Formulations are done by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. Consultations with foreign experts can be arranged. 

4. Improved features. Diatomite or chicken grit, which have some advantages over oil meals and off-corn, are used as a filling mass for premixes: 

  • Mineral materials have just 0,01% of humidity that contributes to stabilizing some vitamins and minerals;
  • Mould fungus and mycotoxins cannot be formed in rock formations;
  • Relatively low cost;
  • Size of materials fraction is similar to particles of feed additives that makes mixing easier and contributes to uniformity of premix;
  • Diatomite and limestone serve as additional sources of mineral matters, contribute to increase survivability of poultry population, to increase weight gain and egg resistance, to reduce rate of egg breakage.

MEGAMIX products use:

  • contributes to developing genetic resources of the poultry crosses;
  • contribute to increasing yield of poultry: live weight gain, survivability, eggs resistance;
  • allow reducing prime cost of all-mixing and ready products;
  •  contributes to minimizing human impact and hand labour costs, when producing all-mixing;
  •  improves quality of produced feed.