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Turkey, quail, guinea fowl

Turkey, quail, guinea fowl

Standartized Premix 1% for turkeys, quails and guinea fowls
Individual formulation premix.

Agricultural bird has the highest maturing rate among other animals: quails start laying eggs at the age of 1.5 month old, guinea fowls at 7-8 months. To reach productivity at the early age, the bird’s body should grow fast; consequently, it should get adequate nutrition.
Modern crosses are characterized by high intensiveness of young bird’s growth. For example, poults increase their weight for 70 times by the age of 4 months. Intensive metabolism requires implementation of the balanced vitamins, macro and microelements and ferments set. 
MEGAMIX premixes are currently widely used in large and small poultry enterprises both in Russia and abroad. MEGAMIX premixes ensure healthy growth and high performance of the animal. MEGAMIX premixes help:

  • improve nutrient availability;
  • improve birds’ growth rate;
  • form strong skeleton of young chicks;
  • increase livability;
  • improve eggshell quality, provides high incubation properties;
  • increase egg-laying capacity;
  • improve birds’ health, general tonus and immunity;
  • prevent lameness, eyes diseases, untimely molting, feather fragility, vitamin deficiency, microelementosis and diseases associated with metabolism disorders.
  • improve feed conversion, and reduce poultry production self-cost.
Standartized premixes contain:
- vitamins: А, D3, Е, К3, В1, В2, В3, В5, В6, В12, biotin,folic acid;
- microelements: iron, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, iodine, selenium;
- antioxidant.

Customer-tailored formulations may contain any of the desired feed additives and carriers!

Carrier: diatomoceous earth and chicken grit.

Package: 25 kg three-layer paper bags with one PE inner-layer or 1000 kg big-bags.

Premix cannot be used purely.
To prevent overdosing MEGAMIX premixes are not recommended to be used together with other vitamin-minerals concentrates.  
Store according to marking.