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Dry methionine hydroxy analog (MHA)

Dry methionine hydroxy analog (MHA)

General information
Dry methionine hydroxy analog possesses combined properties of DL-methionine which is the source of organic calcium and acidulant which reduces the buffering capacity of feed. The product is highly digestible and capable of increasing feed intake and improving its conversion, which results in the faster growth of younger generations and increased productivity of adult animals, it reduces feed cost per productive unit and increases production efficiency.

Dry powder.

Biological effects
МНА is a highly effective combined additive, which is a methionine analogue and a source of organic calcium at the same time.
DL-methionine is an essential sulfur-containing amino acid that is part of the proteins involved in metabolic processes, is a donor of methyl groups in the synthesis of creatine, ethanolamine, norepinephrine, and protects the liver from obesity. Methionine deficiency causes growth and development retardation of young animals and reduces productivity in adults. In animals, methionine hydroxy analog is involved in biochemical processes and has a similar effect, as a result being an almost complete DL-methionine substitute.
Further, MHA as a calcium salt of organic acid is a source of readily assimilable organic calcium and an acidulant which reduces the buffering capacity of feed.
Supplementing fish and shrimp soy-based feed with MHA improved feed conversion and increased the survival of aquaculture.

Methionine-deficient diet of aquaculture is supplemented with MHA-containing premixes, concentrates and compound feed. MHA retains its properties at all known methods for feed mixing, has good stability at high temperatures.

Storage conditions
Shelf life is five years from the date of manufacture when stored in a dry place protected from direct sunlight at the temperatures from 5 to 20 °C.

25 kg bags